Frequently Asked Questions


What is this
This site is to get Coins for every task you do, like visiting shortlink, roll from games, offers from offerwalls, etc. Which can be converted to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin. All withdraws are processed through ExpressCrypto, FaucetPay, Coinbase and Payeer wallet currently.
How do i start using this site?
After registering, you can simply start claiming.
Where do I get paid?
We currently support ExpressCrypto, FaucetPay, Coinbase and Payeer wallet as our payment processor.
Where to withdraw Coins?
All Coins will be converted your desire currency automatically. You can see on withdraw page.
What is the minimum to withdraw?
Minimum withdraw from stream bucks is 100000 coins.


I am no longer able to use offerwall, why?
Your ip seem bad reputative or your bad score is high. If it caused by ip it will temporary you will be able to access, if your ip is changed or get good reputed ip.
What are Hold Balance?
After Completing offerwalls offers we hold that offers balance for some period of times for preventing frauds and others.
How long offer balance will be hold?
Offer balance will be hold some period of time based on your level. No need to worry, your earning is safe you can complete other offers too on that time.


I am not able to access my account, why?
It can be multiple reason. given bellow are details info of errors message that are shown:-
  • Usual Error: your password username or captcha is wrong. if your password is wrong not able to get access, try to reset the password to get access again.
  • Acount is locked: If you failed multiple time(max 5 times) to login your account will be lock for 30 minutes. you can try after 30 minutes.
  • Vpn or Proxy Detected: If you see that type message that means your ip address is detected as vpn, proxy or bad by proxy detection service. we can do nothing it please contact your internet service provider to give you good reputated ip or change your internet service to good one.
  • Multiple account Detected: you created a multiple account or try to refer yourself.
  • Cheater or fraud Detected: That means you have been caught by cheating on offerwalls or on others.
Why i got banned?
Multiple account, using proxy, VPN or BOT or Try to cheat will Get Banned. Your account and balance will be lost.
How can I reset my password?
To reset your password, you can click Forget Password link and follow the steps to reset your account.


My friend share the same internet, can I refer him as my referral?
No, its strictly prohibited. Not only your friend join under your referral, but also if we found multiple account created with same ip address both account will be banned.
Why i got banned?
Multiple account, using proxy, VPN or BOT or Try to cheat will Get Banned.Your account and balance will be lost.
How can I find my referral link?
After login in you can find your referral link under your profile section. Navigate to user referral.