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#11 Aug 20, 2023 @11:55 am

2.8.1 Minor Improvement Bug Fix

Continuous development plan, I have updated some UI/UX functionalities,

I am aware that the referral system has some issue, I am trying to fix things quick.

In this version update, I have fixed the affiliate bonus rewards claiming via PTC Ads. Your rewards are now properly added to your account balance.

Get more referrals and enjoy more rewards.


- Imporovement: Make new dashboard design

Bug Fix: Referral Earnings PTC

NOTE: I have discovered some people tries to cheat the referral system. This is a soft warning, please don't do that. Your account will be blocked. I have some future plans to look into better solutions for all of us.


Cheers. Gaming Network

#10 Jul 22, 2023 @10:57 am

2.8 Withdraw Issue Fixed

Bug Fix: Make withdraw reuest 

Minimum withdraw limit is changed form 500,000 coins to 100,000 coins

#9 Jul 11, 2023 @6:43 pm

2.7 PTC Ads Earning is live

- Today we have been alpha testing our brand new PTC ads earning options.

- You can advertise to our real crypto visitor daily.

#8 Mar 8, 2023 @6:28 pm

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Lotteries are live now 2.6

Good news we have implement a brand new UI for all of our lottieres round page.

- Daily Lottey:

- Weekly Lottery: 

- Monthly Lottery:

#7 Feb 23, 2023 @11:21 am

Deposit with FaucetPay is live 2.5

Good news claimers,

You can now deposit credits from your FaucetPay account using our Merchant APi. 

#6 Feb 21, 2023 @6:25 pm

Lottery, deposit with payeer, transfer account balance 2.4

Win Big Lottery!

Testing your luck?
Hit big at our Lottery! Remember, winners are chosen randomly. Try your luck, and Win Big without any risk! 🎉
Key Features in this update
- Lottery

- Deposit with payeer

- Transfer account balance to purhase

If you face any issues in this release, please let us know.

#5 Jan 19, 2023 @1:26 pm

Antibot loading issue 2.3

New update antibot was taking too long to load on previous version. Make faster processing library today, enjoy your stay here.

#4 Jan 5, 2023 @6:06 pm

No loss lottery 2.2 is now also have no loss lottery platform. You can get your rewards here on strembucks. Winners must claim the lottery rewards from the winners list.

#3 Dec 31, 2022 @12:24 pm

Add more coins 2.1

New Faucet News! is added to the new version 2.1

You can get more coins to your streambucks account. Enjoy 🎉

- 30 coins every 30 minutes

- 10 exp on each claim

If you face any issues in this release, please let us know.

#2 Dec 26, 2022 @2:44 am

Earn more coins from 2.0

Good News!
Today we have made a huge update, Now you can earn streambucks coin from our another partnered site

- 50 coins every 30 minutes

If you face any issues in this release, please let us know.

#1 Dec 26, 2020 @11:43 pm

Initial Release StreamBucks: 1.0.0

Hey Everyone!
Here are some few things.

- Faucet claim to FP and EC

If you face any issues in this release, please let us know.